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  • A sweet 16 offer from our new owners!

    For nearly 10 years now, has proudly partnered with churches, missionaries, youth ministries, and more. From all around the globe we've helped them communicate effectively online with a system that is easy, simple, and effective. It's been a lot of fun to help ministries move into the online space and see it take their ministry's reach to a whole new level.

  • Sell Digital Downloads Online

    We are excited to announce that, starting today, you can sell downloadable digital goods on your website. That means that if you have created an e-book or original music, artwork or whatever, you can now sell your creations to others via your website.  More details are coming soon.

  • New responsive website design template

    We're excited to bring another fantastic, mobile-friendly, responsive design to the MinistryWebsites.Biz CMS platform. Origami is our newest addition and it's available at no cost inside your MinistryWebsites.Biz account. Check out images and more details below.

  • 5 New Responsive Designs

    We've been adding new responsive website designs to our MinistryWebsites.Biz design gallery.  Responsive website designs automatically adjust to fit mobile, tablet, tv, and computer screens.  For a demonstration, please visit:

  • Google: 90% of people use mutliple screens throughout the day

    New research released by Google show that 90% of the people who use digital devices use multiple screens to accomplish goals.  Those screens include mobile phones, tablets, computer monitors and television screens. Sometimes we use these screens sequentially, meaning that a person may check his email on a smart phone and finish reading on his laptop.

  • Displaying Images on Smart Phone and Tablets

    Our new image element automatically re-sizes the pictures and images on your MinsitryWebsites.Biz website to fit the browser and screen size of the viewer. Check out this video to see how it works:  The Image Element's AdaptiveImage technology goes a step further with a mobile-first, two-step approach to image display. When a page is requested, the Image Element immediately loads a small-scale (480px wide) version of the image, sized to fill that space needed.

  • A more mobile friendly experience

    Your photo galleries are now more mobile friendly.  Not only do images look great on portable devices, you can flip through your photos with a swipe of your finger.  You don't have to do anything to upgrade your website, just start showing off your photos to your friends on your smartphone or tablet. 

  • What if the Church in America actually made disciples of Jesus?

    My good friend, Jason Dukes, has been blogging about 5 shifts that would need to be made if the American Church were to begin making disciples as Jesus intended.  Jason is a church planter, movement leader and author.   I think Jason is on to something here.

  • Our Blogs are Pinging and Yours Can Too!

    You can now automatically notify search engines and blog aggregators whenever you add a new post to your blog.  We've added a new feature to our blog element that (once activated) will ping the most common blog search services.  To turn it on, click the "settings" button on you blog element, then click the "Advanced" tab.

  • Internet Evangelism

    Here is my podcast with Dr. Tom Cheyney at the Florida Baptist Convention's evangelism conference: Five Non-Geek Tools for Online Evangelism.

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