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Clover Church Sites vs MinistryWebsites.bizWe recently received a question from a potential client asking us what the difference is between Clover Church Sites and our system here at

A glance of Clover's service points out a couple things:

1. They charge $1,000 up-front, plus $20/month for the service. With the system, there are no start-up fees (save yourself the $1,000) and the basic account starts at only $29/month. That means you'd have to use our service for almost 3 years before you even reach $1,000 start-up fee Clover requires, not including the $20/month you'd spend in addition to that with Clover. Plus, with us, there's no long-term contract or anything. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time. Although Clover doesn't restrict you to contracts either, it's a bit harder to switch to a new service when you know you just dumped $1,000 into it.

2. It's interesting to note that most of Clover's sites are built with Flash, which will not index very well in search engines. Since most churches use their sites mostly to connect with new people in the community who are searching for a church home, indexing well for search a pretty big deal. Sites at are made to automatically be optimized for search engines and even include tools in the admin area that easily let you customize search engine optimization even further. That doesn't seem to be a feature with Clover.

3. We noticed that some of Clover's clients opt to link to their church's calendar on Google Docs instead of using Clover's built-in calendar. Not quite sure why that is, but the calendar system at can automatically import calendar items from a Google Calendar or any calendar that produces an iCal feed, allowing you to use one main Google calendar and just automatically feed the events you want into your church's website calendar.

4. We're also not a big fan of Clover's video/audio media players, but honestly, it's still better than what offers (although, that will be changing soon). The best solution we've found so far is to use the free embeddable FeedPlayer which is better than both Clover and's media solutions. See it in action on my church's website here: audio and video.

For clients who want to use audio and video podcasts for their church's website, we recommend that you use to host both the audio and video files since it's free storage and bandwidth and creates perfect media feeds, especially for iTunes, all for free. Plus, it will convert videos to FLV flash formats that play better on the web.

We also like to think the free web designs for are pretty slick. We're regularly adding more all the time, too! In fact, we have two more "e-zine" style designs coming out within the next couple days.

Other than that, the list of features between Clover Sites and are pretty comparable. Check out the list of our features along with some videos that highlight those features.

And, of course, if you haven't yet, sign up for a free 3-page website to use and see what you think. Find out for yourself how easy it is to manage a high-quality ministry website!

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1. bethanysarah wrote:

Consider revising you 2nd point about SEO - Yes Clover designs are Flash based but they have also built each site on HTML so every single word on the site is 'searchable'. In addition to that they have made available an area in their CMS for you to add key words for search engines.

Also consider your 4th point about video - they have an upgrade coming out that is completely free. The upgrade includes a new media player with built in features that include sermon notes and podcasting!

Please give them enough respect to read the following links:


Media Player:

Wed, November 18, 2009 @ 2:49 PM

2. Tim Schmoyer wrote:

@bethanysarah: Thanks for your comments! Appreciate your input. And we apologize for the delayed response.

Our point about SEO and Flash still stands. Creating an HTML site does indeed make your site's text searchable, but that is not the same as making it optimized for search engines. All that it means is that Google can now see the text, but it's still not sure what to do with it. While it's a step in the right direction for Clover, it's definitely nowhere near the optimization that our system offers.

We checked your link above and the upcoming video/podcasting system does look nice! Indeed, it's better than ours (for now), but I was surprised to see that all the other media features that's coming with the upgrade have been a part of our system for a long time now -- photo slideshows, password-protected pages, forms, repeating events for calendars, web stats dashboard, and others. With all due respect, it looks like we've been far ahead of them in those areas for a long time now. Now we just need to catch up with the integrated video/podcasting, and we will.

Fri, November 27, 2009 @ 9:47 PM

3. Brian Richardson wrote:

I use and love it!

Fri, August 21, 2009 @ 10:40 AM

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