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  • 5 New Responsive Designs

    We've been adding new responsive website designs to our MinistryWebsites.Biz design gallery.  Responsive website designs automatically adjust to fit mobile, tablet, tv, and computer screens.  For a demonstration, please visit: freemobiledesign.biz.

  • Google: 90% of people use mutliple screens throughout the day

    New research released by Google show that 90% of the people who use digital devices use multiple screens to accomplish goals.  Those screens include mobile phones, tablets, computer monitors and television screens. Sometimes we use these screens sequentially, meaning that a person may check his email on a smart phone and finish reading on his laptop.

  • A more mobile friendly experience

    Your photo galleries are now more mobile friendly.  Not only do images look great on portable devices, you can flip through your photos with a swipe of your finger.  You don't have to do anything to upgrade your website, just start showing off your photos to your friends on your smartphone or tablet.