Our tier-four data center offers the highest level of hosting security.

Since MinistryWebsites.biz is hosted software, we know your highest concern is with the hosting security we can provide. That's why we host all websites at our tier-four data center with multiple redundancies on all critical systems. In short, it just doesn't get any better when it comes to hosting environments. For more details, see a few key features of our hosting environment listed below:

Key features of our hosting environment

  • Located in the premier Tier IV datacenter in Dallas
    The Informart Telecom facility is the largest internet hub in the southern United States.
  • Three redundant electrical power grids
    The power company overlays three grids on this facility giving the highest level of hard-power redundancy.
  • Batteries, generators, and fuel storage
    If the three power grids fail, battery backups keep things running, while diesel generators provide longer term power options.
  • Data backups every night
    All websites are backed up locally and deployed on remote backups nightly to ensure your data is safe and secure.
  • Multiple redundant fiber internet connections
    A host of fiber connections to the internet through multiple carriers ensures the connectivity of systems to the internet in even the most disastrous conditions.
  • Cooling and physical security
    HVAC units ensure that the systems maintain necessary temperatures. Fire suppression, physical security systems, video surveillance and security badge access ensure that the servers remain safe.

In other words, your data is safe with us. We've taken all possible precautions to make sure your site and it's information is always available, is always safe, and is always secure.