Avoid the hassles of installing and maintaining your own software.

When you install your own software, you take on a time-consuming commitment. You're taking a lot of responsibility to maintain your sites and that can really eat up your time and energy. But MinistryWebsites.biz uses web-based software. You don't have to do a thing to get it going or to keep it running.

Why you'll love our web-based solution

  • Update your site with just a few clicks
    Instead of a lengthy process for updating HTML files, you can create new pages and content in seconds.
  • No plugins or add-ons to install or configure
    Every website comes complete with all available features active and ready to use.
  • We keep it running for you
    If there's ever a problem with a website, we'll fix it. Spend your time doing ministry, let us handle your website maintenance.
  • Continual upgrades happen automatically
    We roll out updates to the software constantly. They happen behind the scenes, with no disruption in service, and they apply to all websites on our system instantly.
  • Friendly support is at your service
    From our easy-to-understand support websites to our quick response email support, you'll never have to spend your time searching for an answer to trying fix an issue. Find out more.